Our domain

Our history

Between Garonne and Dordogne

The name of the region, “entre deux mers” is derived from its location between the two tidal rivers; Dordogne and Garonne.

The multitude of rolling hillsand terraces create a perfect playground for the vines to grow and develop, their roots buried deep in this land that they seem to have made their own.

In harmony and with the help of man, who over the centuries, have developed many mythical wines. Objects of lust, desire, speculation, but also a source of culture and pleasure.

The family farm and business

The farm is family owned (purchased by Louis CARTEYRON and his son Jacques in 1855). For many years the production was divided between growing fruits, nectarines / peaches and producing wine.

In 1964 Hubert CARTEYRON, the father of Patrick, the current operator, began marketing Château Penin in bottles.

Certificat d'acte de vente de la propriété du Château Penin


Patrick, represents the fifth generation. He took over the family property in 1982 after having worked as an oenologist and viticultural consultant for several years.

He finally abandoned fruit production to devote the entire 15 hectares of cultivable area, at the time, to wine production with a resolutely qualitative orientation.

The property

The estate has grown in size over the years to reach todays 50 hectares in total. The objective has been to group plots together and to acquire new“terroirs” and soil exposures. : This has now given us the basis to produce a large and varied selection of different wines.

(See the terroirs of Château Penin)

This voluntary work, both on the soils and les cépages on the selection of grape varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris) has made it possible to segment production. Each plot is harvested according to the maturity necessary for the production of each wine then vinified and aged separately.

Exploitation familiale du Château Penin

Production and management

The production and management of the estate is carried out within the framework of a reasoned and multi-performance agroecology recognized by the HVE (High Environmental Value) quality criterion: :

• Respect for soil, water, air, biodiversity and plants.

• Permanent improvement of working conditions, taking into account the arduousness, health and well-being of staff.

These values, carried by the entire Château Penin team, make it possible to produce and offer for sale a whole range of resolutely qualitative wines, all with different characteristics.

This know-how and these commitments are recognized by the national and international professional press.

La Fleur Penin

Our property in Saint Émilion Grand Cru

Since 2011 Patrick CARTEYRON has also acquired a 2 1/2-hectare property in the Saint Emilion Grand Cru appellation, Château La FLEUR PENIN.

This winery is oriented to produce high quality wines, albeit in limited quantity (14 000 bottles)..