The vineyard
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The vineyards have a high density of plantation. This type of plantation increases quality by reducing significantly the number of bunches produced on each plant and results in better ripening and a greater richness in the grapes.
Trellising technique is also important so that those leaves around the bunches may be removed to expose the grapes to more sunlight. At the same time enough leaves are left on the rest of the plant to continue nourishing the fruit.

Winter works :

Pruning and falling down branches.

At spring the buds of the vine...                                                                                                                                 ...on a branch well worked.

Thinning of leave at spring time : desucketering.

It aims at selecting future shoots in order to ensure a ventilated repartition of grapes.

The vine in bloom.

  Crop thinning in july :

Only 7 grapes to the maximum will go on growing on each stock.
Each bunch of grapes will be entirely exposed to sun

… to ensure optimal ripeness


Leaf stripping in July of the fruit area for good ventilation and a better coloration of grapes.

The Harvest:

Finally the long awaited moment of the harvest.

Bunches healthy, well ventilated and colored by the sun ...
The picking up is made by a principle of shaking. The ripe fruit will fall off easily.
The harvest is a first time sorted directly into the machine.

Patrick checks the quality and cleanliness of the grapes

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