History of the vineyard
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Our estate has been family owned since its beginnings in 1854 when it was bought by Louis Carteyron and his soon Jacques.
For many years, the production was divided between fruit and wine.

Hubert Carteyron began direct sales of Chateau Penin in bottle with the 1964 vintage.

His son Patrick, representing the fifth generation, took over the estate in 1982 after working as an oenologist for several years.
The fruit production side of the farm then disappeared, making way for the vines which were planted with the clear aim of producing quality grapes for wine.

As the new vineyards developed, new cellars were built.

Today, we produce wine from 40 hectares of vines, with an annual production of 270,000 bottles.

We sell all our wines directly to customers in France (50%) and in the rest of the world (Europe, Asia, America)..

In 1985 : A new vat cellar was built, enabling the temperature in the vats to be carefully controlled during fermentation and maceration.

In 1990 : A barrel cellar was built along with a completely air-conditioned bottle storage cellar.

In 1991 : A customer reception building, which included an area for packaging and dispatch, was added.

In 1998 :The barrel cellar and bottle storage building were extended.
A special bottle cellar was designed to keep wines from old vintages.

In 1999 : New buildings were added for the vineyard machinery and equipment.

In 2001 : A new vinification cellar was built.

In 2005 : Respect of the environment and of the customer's health. Setting of qualities procedures and waste treatment (recovery of washing water from cellars, treatment of this water and putting on sewage farm)

In 2006 : We bought a new system of pressing which allows us to work with low pressures and thus to preserve all the quality of the harvest.

In 2007 : Modernization of the sorting ofthe harvest.

In 2011 : Purchase of a new Chateau "La Fleur Penin" in Saint Emilion Grand cru Appellation.

A new adventure begins

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In 2013 : Expansion of  bottles storage room and improvement of the conditionning zone.


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In 2014 : Creation of a reception room, overlooking the vineyards.

A friendly place to discover our wines.


In 2015 : Modernization of labelling, with the purchase of a brand new printing machine for caps and a new printing system on cardboard in order to have a better traceability and a qualitative monitoring of products.

Purchase of two new tractors equiped with air-conditioning in order to improve the daily work of our employees.



In 2016 :

Ecology is a permanent concern for us. We Purchase a new vine treating apparatus which limits the doses of product and permits more localized application to avoid external contamination.




In 2017 : Improvement of sorting with the implement of a new table.                                    

       Table de tri 



In 2018 : Implementation of a High Environmental Value (HVE) initiative. This certification is based on environmental performance indicators that cover the entire vineyard. It attest that the elements of biodiversity are widely present and that the pressure of viticultural practices on the environment (air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, landscapes) is reduced to a minimum.










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