"Natur" by château Penin
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by Château Penin

Patrick after 27 years, of regular , intensive and thoughtful work, is pleased to present
"Natur" : a wine vinified and stored without addition of sulphur.

The sulfur, in the traditional process of development of wine, is an anti-oxidant and microbial inhibitor.

Used for over 300 years, this discovery help keeping and aging wine.

The challenge was dared, but Patrick had a desire to create :
a wine released
a wine that expresses
a wine respectful of our health,
a wine for future generations.

“Natur” is the realization of the understanding and involvement of a winegrower in natural phenomenas.

It needed a scientific eye and affection for gather all necessary and sufficient informations for a sincere and absolute expression of nature.

“Natur” is a revealing :

                                           Revealer of talent
                                           Revealer of soil
                                           Revealer of vine
                                           Revealer of taste

True to the style of Chateau Penin, "Natur" is a greedy wine for pleasure.
Drink it slightly chilled, between 14 ° and 16 °.
You will then discover the flavors of original and powerful red fruits.
The tannic structure is silky and well balanced.
Very round, it expresses the finesse and subtlety of natural tastes.
It will be perfect on summer food and BBQ.
Perfect companion for evenings, it will charm your guests and will bring good mood.

"Natur" is a wine that you could drink without being thirsty, in agreement with nature and well accompanied...

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