Work in cellars
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Vinification :

Receipt of grapes at the winery:
2nd mechanical sorting

The careful sorting of the grains:
- After de-stemming, a vibrating grid enables the removal of bursted or dried berries and seeds.
- The capable hands of Christine and Patricia eliminate pieces of leaf or petiole which may still remain.

an extra sorting by Hand

Harvest is put in stainless steel vat.

A partial view of the cellar

Patrick tastes all vats everyday in order to define extraction work of the skin composites.

After a maceration of 15 to 21 days, we press skins.

Vintage is about to born…

White wines are ageing on sediment of wine and we regularly stirs the lees...

Everything in our cellars is for quality, hygiene and cleanliness.

A thermal automatic regulation for hot and cold, an automatic control of oxygen with micro-bubbles for each vat.

Ageing :

Ageing takes place in barrels with regular stirring on lees.

For certain wines, to avoid oxidation, we can canned by rotating the barrel.
This system is Oxoline.

Toping up :

Every 15 days, the full of barrels must be done perfectly to prevent oxidation and microbial growth.
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